Automated Clipper Blade Sharpener



Optional Variants of the Automated System

Variable Speed, 110v


Variable Speed, International 220/240volt/50Hz




  • Revolutionary design sets the standard for speed and accuracy.
  • Industrial grade construction maintains accuracy for long, reliable service life.
  • Increase your profits and sharpen blades better than any other machine on the market today.
  • Includes all the items in our complete manual system plus the dust collection blower/filter.

Automated machine with hand in frame

The Shop, Inc. Automated Blade Sharpener



Variable Speed Control


Besides the efficiency of the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) unit, being able to select a specific speed is advantageous for selecting the best grinding rate for particular blades, such as small trimmers, to minimize heat distortion. A twist-knob potentiometer with a 1-10 scale is used to set and adjust the speed. The VFD can be programmed to set the rate of acceleration and deceleration. The electronic brake minimizes the need for a mechanical brake to stop or slow down the disc.

The VFD model lowers the amperage draw down to 6 amps on start up and 1 amp running. This means a mobile sharpener can run our full sized machine with just a 1000 watt inverter, granted that it is a quality brand. The unit will function on both modified and true sine wave power. We recommend at least a 1500 watt inverter to allow for other items to be on at the same time such as lights, etc.

In comparison, our single speed machines, using a capacitor-start 1/2 hp motor, draws 34 to 37 amps for 3 to 4 seconds on start up and runs on 7 amps. This requires a 5000 watt inverter or larger to operate.

Cleaning the disc, applying the lapping solution, and recharging with grit is easier when the best speed can be set and it stays steady for the duration of each operation.

Variable Speed Automated Clipper Blade Sharpening Machine
Automated Clipper Sharpening System shown with Variable Speed Control

As with all the motors we use the units are taken completely apart, the armatures dynamically balanced, and the bearings checked and preloaded for the vertical load application of a clipper hone. Since electric motors are typically designed to bear a horizontal load as with a belt and pulley, or be used inverted as with a pump application, bearing rattle and noise and premature failure and vibration can ensue if the the bearings are not retained and preloaded in the same direction as the down load of the disc.



Features of the Automated Mechanism



  • Mechanism indexes and strokes blades parallel to center line, controls blade and applies equal pressure each and every time for a uniform hollow grind.
  • Lever to control blade set-down, which protects disc from accidental dropping of the arms.
  • Adjustable grinding time with automated arm lift. Stroking motor shuts off simultaneously.
  • Universal blade holders - No time is spent adjusting from different blade types or models. (Covers most common blades)
  • Functions with dust lid in place for clean operation. Dust control blower exhausts through filter for clean operation.
  • This machine does not grind down the heel of blades. Easily locate pressure point to remove material evenly on all blades.
  • Enables a beginner to effectively enter the market with better than factory results.
  • All pivot points sealed and adjustable to maintain tolerances.
  • Stroke distance easily changed.
  • Easily repeat equal metal removal on all blade sets.
  • May be operated manually for custom stroke length and speed.
  • Smooth, clean and quiet operation combined with automated shut-off, makes this machine a pleasure to operate.
  • Sharpens both comb and cutter at the same time, removing an average of .001" in 20 seconds.

The high production rate and consistently accurate results of this system make it the perfect choice for sharpeners of any level wanting to build or expand a successful clipper blade sharpening business. It is the perfect compliment to shear and scissors sharpening.

Automated Clipper Blade Sharpening Machine





What's Included




The Shop, Inc. Clipper Blade Sharpening Systems all feature the following:

The Shop, Inc. 14" Aluminum Lapping Disc: Two sided, precision scraped, dynamically balanced, seasoned, and blade tested. The only tested disc on the market. Please read more information on our discs.

Reference Rings: All machining and balancing locates to these surfaces. Ensures a maximum .002" vertical run out at outer edge of 14" disc for smooth grinding with no skipping or chatter. Accurately relocates disc each time it is taken on and off machine and/or when disc is resurfaced.

Easy disc removal: One screw.

Dust Control Lid: Contains dust and mess very effectively. Easily removed to change disc or clean out debris.

Dust Collection Port: Connect the dust port to your shop's dust collection system or add optional blower / filter unit for practically dust-free operation. Dust Collection Port details ...

External Brake: Easily slow down disc to recharge or bring to a complete stop safely.

Momentary Switch: Control recharging speed.

Built-in lifting handles: Openings also allow cooling air to reach motor.

Included Consumables & Accessories

Items included with clipper blade sharpening system

Test Plate / Rubbing block: Precision ground alloyed cast iron. Accurate reference for revealing tooth contact pattern quickly and easily. The only way to determine that blades are being ground properly and/or if disc needs resurfacing. Essential tool for learning how to sharpen blades manually. 6" diameter x 3/4" thick. Surfaced on one side.Test plate / Rubbing block details ...

Grit Spreader: Motorized unit distributes grit evenly onto disc surface with minimal waste. No rubbing is needed for even distribution. Short (45 second) procedure to recharge disc with oil and grit. Grit spreader details ...

Magnet: Ergonomically shaped with index finger relief for applying pressure towards blade tip and angled to aid in proper 'set down' of blades on disc.

Disc Cleaning Tool: Quickly and effectively clean lapping disc.

Blade/Socket Tool: Set sockets to proper width with gauge end. Has tapered end for removing and installing cutter without damaging sharpened blade. Blade/Socket tool details ...

Light: Mounts on side of machine. Has flexible neck and swivel base. Easily locate illumination to your preference. Light details ...

Bronze Deburring Brush

Lapping Solution Applicator: Spreads an even film of solution to disc surface with no mist as with a spraying technique. Mounts conveniently on side of machine. Applicator details ...

Lapping Solution Kit: One 16 oz. bottle of lapping solution, eye dropper bottle, 1 set applicator pads, cork pad, cleaning towels, 2 plastic bottles for fluids (water and denatured alcohol not included).

Paper Towels: For use with cleaning tool.

Test Fur: Dense and fine for a stringent test of blade sharpness and spring tension. Test fur details ...

Test String: Twenty foot sample roll. Used to test blade sharpness. Test string details ...

Grit: Two pounds of 240 grit.

Clipper Blade Oil

Instructional DVDs and Illustrated Instruction Manual

Training: Four hours for the Automated System


Clipper Blade Sharpening System, Automated [05:48]