The Shop, Inc. Precision Lapping Discs



THE SHOP, INC. Clipper Blade Sharpening Systems use a 14" disc. Additionally, THE SHOP, INC. manufactures and offers resurfacing of 16" and 18" precision clipper lapping plates for use with other manufacturers' clipper blade sharpening machines. Our discs feature a surface more accurate than is currently available elsewhere. We have developed a scraping process to finish clipper lapping discs to guarantee a near perfectly true plane of the disc surface which is not possible by the normal lathing practice alone.

The Shop, Inc. Precision Lapping Disc

The lapping disc is the heart of any clipper blade sharpening machine and that is where THE SHOP, INC. stands alone. With our exclusive scraping process, we deliver an unmatched accuracy and strength to the surface, guaranteed and validated.

Scraping removes the varied spiral grooves left from lathe machining and restructures the surface with a precision-ground straight edge tool which spans the whole width of the lapping band, producing a solid, dense, unvaried surface. This surface, when used properly, will wear evenly, producing good blades longer than a lathe-cut surface.

A solid-scraped surface is the most effective grinding platform for sharpening with loose grit.

Using our fully-tested discs along with diligent use of our precision test plate will enable you to offer your customers blades that cut better and last longer than any other they have used.

A more uniform hollow grind is achieved with a narrow-band disc due to less change in profile and surface speed from the outer to inner radius. The 3 1/4" wide lapping band has your sharpening out where the surface speed is maximum and the grinding rate fastest.

Just one screw to remove.

All new and resurfaced discs are dynamically balanced for smooth operation.

The large 6" diameter reference ring is used in all machining and balancing operations. This locates the disc on the machine to ensure accurate center location and less than .002" vertical run-out at the outer edge of the disc surface. There is no need to 'dial it in' each time it is turned over or changed out.

If you have ever received an improperly machined disc, then you know the value of a fully-tested one such as ours.

When we receive a disc to resurface, we first lathe cut, then precision scrape the lapping area to a true plane. We condition the surface with grit and test sharpen blades on it. All discs are dynamically balanced each time they are resurfaced. Turnaround time is 2-3 days.



14" - 16"





Two-sided disc


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We resurface all plate aluminum discs through 18" diameter, including Nebraska Blades, Vicsco, and Huff's Extreme Kut. We do not resurface cast aluminum discs.


Add $50.00 per side for 4 1/2" wide lapping surface, available on 16" and 18" discs.


All The Shop, Inc. scraped discs produce a uniform, straight hollow grind, represented by a straight rub pattern. This makes for the best possible blades for your customers.

Is bigger better? The size of a disc does not determine the accuracy of the surface or the hollow grind pattern. How it is machined and used does. A large diameter disc is only as good as the accuracy of its surface.



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