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Where The Disc Surface Matters!.

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Clipper Blade Lapping Disc Surface Structure.

The accuracy and surface finish of an aluminum clipper blade lapping disc plays a part in the performance and longevity of the disc.

Presently there are two distinctly different surface structures for aluminum lapping discs.

Sharpening Logic.

Learn our Requirements for good cutting & long service life of the clipper blade

Clipper blade sharpening has, since its inception, had problems with consistency. This has been true of manufacturers as well as sharpeners. This highly competitive product requires a degree of accuracy beyond its value. Nevertheless, a good cutting and long lasting clipper blade is a must in the hair industry.


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Always, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. The Shop, Inc. equipment has been very important to my success and enjoyment in sharpening services throughout all of south central Texas. My customer base will back me up 100% thanks to your precision engineering and THE BEST sharpening system on the U.S. market!


Love your plates, they work so well. The results I am getting just excellent.


When we ordered the first machines from you (3 in all) we did not realize the benefits of the auto-version, you probably told but we didn't listen/read...
1. We get a much better result with less work since the automatic is more precise than manual sharpening
2. Less wear because the pressure is just enough for efficient sharpening, manually there is always a temptation to add too much pressure, and uneven hand movement
3. And we save a lot of time since dismantling one blade is done while the machine is sharpening another, in a continuous flow. No need to watch the machine, just set it (and check the blades of course)
Great machine you have created, thanks a lot!


Craftsmanship and integrity are alive and well at The Shop, Inc. Truly one of the best companies I have ever had the privilege of dealing with. Their products and service are second to none. Thanks Mitch and everyone at The Shop!!

Jamie J.

Want to say thank you for all the support. I know the Shop has been higher priced than other machines but I have to say the value has always been there. We followed your instructions (and yes we had the manual still) and it proved right on the mark. The customer is elated with the sheep blades and they are the first sheep blades we have ever seen. Our work on the A5's and now the sheep blades are keeping our customers happy and growing our business. I never fail to recommend The Shop for a clipper blade machine. I can always trust that our work will meet the customers needs and be impossible to surpass. The peace of mind, knowing that our work is first rate, is worth a bunch! Thanks again.

Phil B.

Edgewise Sharpening

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