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Hello, First I want to say that I love the machine. It is incredible well thought out and I'm very impresses with the whole set up.

Jesse C.

Good morning Mitch,
I wanted to send you a quick note letting you know that I have ben using your clipper blade jig and I'm loving it. It's quicker, more accurate and much easier on my hands. A well thought out and well made product. Totally worth the investment!

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Hello, Mitch, it's the best machine we've ever had. The results are very good beyond expectations. We've sharpened over 800 blades and never had a single complaint. So no more questions for now. And thank you for the good and fast service.

Jan D.

I have run about 250 blades through the system. And I'll say that I'm impressed and that comes from someone who has sharpened several hundred thousand blades over the years. Your grinder, your instructions and your associated tools are all top-notch.


Mitch, I used your machine to sharpen my first batch for a client. Everything came out perfect, rub patterns, test cuts, everything. It was a joy to use and I'm really happy with my new machine.


Wow, I'll say it again. Wow received the shipment on Monday. What an impressive piece of equipment, even your packaging is first class. We will honor such workmanship by doing our best for our customers. As you have, we are still putting everything together truck and other equipment, but should be sharpening soon. Making preparations in my workshop to organize all of accessories. It is coming along well. I believe all we need is the blade assembly and jig to finish it up, I will confirm when they arrive. Thank you Mitch, for answering all our questions and getting this to us quickly. I look forward to speaking with you soon?


First of all I wanted to congratulate you on the blade assembly jig. It works wonders and is extremely helpful. Much better that manual assembly.


Hello, I just wanted to add that the sharpening machine is great. I would recommend.

The Ostrzalka company from Poland

You will be aware the we recently purchased one of your blade assembly jigs - just wanted to say what a great piece of equipment this is - great job.


Hi MItch, mate I really love the machine, you've nailed it and I can appreciate the thought you've put in designing every component and implementing that design.


Just want to say thanking for producing such a great machine, we absolutely love it.


What an amazing machine!! Congratulations on achieving such a high level of precision.


Hi, just a quick note to say how fantastic the sharpening chcine is, the business has taken off and has become a 4 day a week operation due to the demand of needing quality long lasting sharp blades!! Initially it was bought just to sharpen my blades that I use within my dog grooming business but word got has got out and we've never looked back.


You can be a precision sharpener too!

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